's Success at the World Hydrogen Summit in Rotterdam!

We are proud to announce that had the honor of participating in the prestigious World Hydrogen Summit, which took place in Rotterdam from May 12-15. With the support of the Pomerania Development Agency, especially Anna Jafra, we had the opportunity to showcase our latest achievements in BIPV technology using polyester-glass fiber composites and quantum dots.

Our innovative technology will not only revolutionize the construction sector but also support various industries by providing additional energy sources and facilitating integration with existing systems. We established valuable contacts with companies, sponsors, investors, embassies, and business-related institutions, opening new possibilities for collaboration on the implementation of our ESG social token.

We thank everyone who contributed to our success at the fair, especially the Pomerania Development Agency for their invaluable support. We are excited about the future and the opportunities that our joint work on green transformation and increasing social responsibility brings!

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